Doerrfeld Trio

Doerrfeld Trio features jazz piano trio music of composer/pianist Bill Doerrfeld with original compositions in jazz, rock, Latin, fusion, classical, and hybrid styles.

The music explores extremes from hard grooves with asymmetrical structures to accessible melodies and harmonies in traditional forms. The musical approach emphasizes through-composed works rich in contrast, harmonic and melodic development, counterpoint, dynamic transitions, variable textures, dramatic build-up and release, and ensemble interplay.

Trio members include Bill Doerrfeld on piano, Damian Erskine on electric bass, and Tarik Abouzied on drums.

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Music Sampler
Please find here a sample of nine Doerrfeld Trio works recorded in June, 2014 with Bill Doerrfeld on piano, Jon Hamar on bass, and Tarik Abouzied on drums.

Booking and Contact Info
Bill Doerrfeld

Performance Requirements
Doerrfeld Trio is delighted to perform at your concert hall or quality jazz club venue in which a well maintained grand piano is provided.